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Scaffolding the store using the GMail Contact object

Nov 21, 2011 at 8:20 PM

For my next MVC3 project I'd like my User object to subclass off GMail's 'Contact' model. It's my understanding that by using Entity Framework a project's resources can be scaffolded up so that objects like the database schema, unit and persistence tests, models and view models can all be generated by MVCScaffolding.

I'm betting that someone within this user group has already scaled that learning curve. While, generically speaking, there are plenty of 'code first' posts and projects - but i haven't found one where GMail's Contact object is that first bit of code. (at risk of being crass) I'm willing to toss a few hundred dollars to someone who produces a sample (via github, codeplex, googlecode...whatever) that directly implements a tested, db-driven, CRUD-enabled mvc starter project. (even willing to toss a few dozen dollars to be pointed toward and existing post)(/crassness) .