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Error with the MusicStore Example / "Model compatibility cannot be checked..."

Feb 22, 2012 at 3:14 PM

Hi I'm just doing this tutorial MusicStore with ASP.NET MVC en when I create the DbContextClass and try to show to the user using a view by Listing Genres (Table) shows this when try to run it


Model compatibility cannot be checked because the database does not contain model metadata. Ensure that IncludeMetadataConvention has been added to the DbModelBuilder conventions.


Add my lase after MvcEntities .. when the index () method of the Controller Store (SoreController.cs) when I try to list all the genres you put in the database and display themthrough the corresponding view I get this error!

1. Create a database called MvcMusicStore in SQL SERVER 2008 DEVELOPEREDITION (without tables. Q Because the understanding of the tutorial it should create the tables PARTIIENDO OF CLASSES WHICH ARE IN THE MODEL)



there is a screen print