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Understanding MVC Music Store Through Controllers

May 18, 2012 at 6:04 PM
Hi Every one I have an idea to understand MVC Music Store through 6 Controllers used in the MVC Music Store project by answering following two questions regarding each controller: 1. Why a particular\each Controller was Required? 2. How these Requirements were fulfilled? Sl. No Name of Controller 1 Home Controller 2 Store Controller 3 Store Manager Controller 4 Account Controller 5 Shopping Cart Controller 6 Check Out Controller I have read the Music Store pdf document but this is repetitive, Cumbersome and meant only for Developers. But I am not a developer but rather at a pre-developer stage. I need answers of two questions regarding each of the 6 controllers in a tabular format. I tried to paste a table with four columns and seven rows here. But the table could not be pasted here. Thanking in anticipation.