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MVC 4 Account Login Steps - New project from 'Empty' template.

Nov 27, 2012 at 10:52 PM

In an effort to work through a bit of difficulty I'm having with getting the MvcMusicStore tutorial at the account login step (7) to work with MVC 4, I decided to try to replicate process of creating account logins on a completely new empty project.

I created two brand new MVC 4 Internet Applications - one from an 'Empty' template and another from an 'Internet Application' template.

I would like to copy the components that allow account Login into the empty template application from the internet application template application (steps from the MvcMusicStore tutorial).

The components I am copying into my empty template application are the following.

1. Controllers / AccountController - Copy “AccountController.cs” into the “Controllers” directory.

2. Filters / ‘InitializeSimpleMembershipAttribute.cs’ - Create a ‘Filters’ directory at the root of project and copy ‘InitializeSimpleMembershipAttribute.cs’ into it.

3. Models / AccountModels  - Copy “AccountModels” into the “Models” directory.

4. Views / Account / ... - Create an “Account” directory inside the “Views” directory and copy all eight views into it.
- _ChangePasswordPartial.cshtml
- _ExternalLoginsListPartial.cshtml
- _RemoveExternalLoginsPartial.cshtml
- _SetPasswordPartial.cshtml
- ExternalLoginConfirmation.cshtml
- Login.cshtml
- Manage.cshtml
- Register.cshtml

5. App_Start/AppConfig.cs  - Create AppConfig.cs from code at - re: Jon Galloway

And the components I am installing are as follows...

6. Add References through and NuGet (Right-click on References / Add Reference [option] / .Net [tab])

- System.Transactions (.dll)
- Microsoft.Web.WebPages.OAuth;
- Webmatrix.webdata

7. Right-click on References / Manage NuGet Packages [option] / PM > install-package 

- DotNetOpenAuth.AspNet

Any direction or input appreciated.