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RE: SQL Server Database issues post by charlie 303

Oct 19, 2012 at 7:58 PM


I have begun using your Music Store tutorial to get my feet wet in MVC.  It is exactly what I need with the exception of the database.  I'm planning on using MVC for a web based application that will be accessed by multiple users.  I will need to give an admin the ability to update a membership file from an Excel spreadsheet as well as other admin tasks.  Regular users will only have browse ability.  From what I know about SQL Server CE (I read an excellent CE/Express comparision by Steve Lasker at Microsoft), it is not suited for this type of application.  While I want to follow your tutorial and learn as much as possible, I'm not targeting a single user type application.  Your answer to charlie303 seemed to imply it wasn't a good idea to change data sources, which was confusing to me.  Is MVC an incorrect framework for what I want to do?

Thanks for your efforts on the tutorial - I'm really enjoying it and learning  a lot from it.